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Ultras: The Passion and Performance of Contemporary Football Fandom

Mark Doidge, Radoslaw Kossakowski, Svenja-Maria Mintert

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From the publisher:

Since its emergence in Italy in 1968, one model of football fandom has become the most dominant in the world: the ultras. Producing choreography, chants, banners and pyrotechnics, ultras represent a highly organised style of fandom that has an increasing global reach and visibility. Over the last fifty years, ultras fandom has spread from Southern Europe across North Africa to Northern and Eastern Europe, South East Asia and North America.

Their collective performance not only distinguishes ultras from other football fans, but from many other forms of group behaviour. Focusing on their common form of expression, this book shows how members build an emotional attachment to their club that valorises the insignia of that team while mobilising members against opponents. As a collective with a shared, coherent sense of identity based on an act of consumption, ultras represent an important site of enquiry into masculinity and nationalism in contemporary society.

The author:

Mark Doidge is Senior Research Fellow at the University of Brighton.

Radoslaw Kossakowski is Assistant Professor at the University of Gdansk.

Svenja-Maria Mintert is Professor for Business and Sports Marketing at the Fresenius University in Hamburg


Manchester University Press
23 x 15 cm
232 ages
April 2022