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The Homes of Football by Stuart Roy Clarke

More so than any journalist, author, podcast series or Twitter account, Stuart Roy Clarke is the supreme chronicler of the changing nature of football in Britain. His photos are snapshots of a completely alien world as football in the last 30 years have immeasurably changed, even more so under the pandemic. Drinking pints from the Swindon Town clubhouse on a picnic bench by the side of the pitch? The old concrete terraces at Blackpool, Charlton Athletic and Preston North End? The lost grounds of Wigan, West Ham, Swansea and many more? This is a nostalgia overload. 

The Homes of Football places fans and grounds at the heart of the story. Stuart expertly documents the absurdity and the humour that forms a large part of football fandom, but the warmth and camaraderie shines through. It's a well-balanced, beautiful, superlative hymn to football fans and the British game.