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The Worst Football Kits of All Time

Dave Moor

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From the publisher:

In the mad, money-driven world of football, some rather interesting and sometimes shocking kits have been worn upon the field of play. This book is a full-colour celebration of some of the most outrageous strips foisted upon the poor players and the loyal fans, both for club and country, from clashing colours and disastrous designs to surprising sponsors and back luck omens. Written by a leading authority on kit design and with anecdotes from fans, this book is a wry look back at some of the more bizarre decisions taken by marketing companies and clubs alike.

Ranging from Victorian outfits to modern-day efforts, The Worst Football Kits of All Time is also a history of the kit, the game and some of the many characters who have played, watched, loved and despaired at this most noble (and sometimes ignoble) of sports. Set to delight fans old and young alike, this book makes the perfect gift and an excellent reference guide. Illustrated with photographs, caricatures and kit designs, this is an easy to read, vivid, vibrant and downright humorous treat for the eyes.

It's a must have for the more serious kit historians, the lads and lasses down the pub or the boy in his bedroom, surrounded by posters of his heroes, standing proud in the (occasionally monstrous) colours of their club and country.

The author:

David Moor is a respected authority in football kit history and runs his own, very popular, website historicalfootballkits.co.uk. Ever since the 1966 World Cup he's been fascinated by kit design and over the years has compiled one of the biggest football kit archives available. His favourite worst kit is Hull City's 1992 home, tiger print effort. It's a beauty.


The History Press
19 x 16 cm
128 pages
September 2011