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The Totally Football Yearbook 2021

Nick Miller, Iain Macintosh, Daniel Storey, James Richardson

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From the publisher:

From the award-winning team behind the Totally Football Show, one of the world's leading independent football podcastsThe Totally Football Yearbook isn't just a collection of statistics. It's analysis, insight, authority and irreverence. It's the views of some of the biggest names in football writing, the same names that make The Totally Football Show one of the world's biggest independent football podcasts.

It's the breathless story of the season just passed and an eager look ahead to the season still to come. But yes, there's loads of statistics as well. I mean, we couldn't stop ourselves if we tried .

. . We've got the Premier League, Scotland, the Women's Super League, the Football League, France, Spain, Italy and Germany all covered, and so much more besides.

Will you ever need anything else to keep you informed on the beautiful game? That's really not for us to say. But no, you won't. With a foreword from Jamie Carragher, an introduction from James Richardson, and contributions from Iain Macintosh, James Horncastle, Duncan Alexander, Nick Miller and many more, The Totally Football Yearbook is a must-have for every football fan.

The author:

Iain Macintosh is the Chief Executive of Muddy Knees Media, producers of the Totally Football Show. He used to be a football journalist and has actually written a selection of sports books on his own, some of which have sold literally tens of copies.

Nick Miller is the editor of the Totally Football Show.com, and has been a football writer for basically anyone who would pay him, including ESPN, the Guardian & Football365.

James Richardson is the nation's favourite football presenter who made his name hosting the iconic Gazzetta Football Italia in the 1990s, went on to pioneer the football podcasting game & is also a host of BT Sport's Champions League coverage.

The Totally Football Show was launched in 2017 and is the leading independent football podcast in the world with hundreds of thousands of listeners every week.



Coronet Books
24 x 16 cm
416 pages
August 2021