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The Mind Game: Gaining a Psychological Edge in Fantasy Premier League

Ross Dowsett

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From the publisher:

“The Mind Game arms you with the knowledge and self-awareness required to navigate the temperament-testing, season-long game that is FPL. Outstanding!”

Pranil Sheth – @Lateriser12 (2x Top 100 Finishes, 2x India #1)

“Managing yourself is just as important, if not more important than managing your team. Reading this fantastic book will give you a much better chance of achieving FPL success.”

Mark McGettigan – @FPLGeneral (3x Top 500 Finishes)

This is a book about Fantasy Premier League (FPL), but it’s also a book about you.

FPL is only a game, but it is one played out over a long and demanding season. It puts pressure on our decision-making and pitches us into a community of constant change and countless options. The only path to success is to keep a clear head, especially as those around you are losing theirs.

Join the FPL community’s resident Psychology expert and Sport Psychology lecturer Ross Dowsett (FPL__Raptor), as he guides you through the weekly FPL cycle, answering critical questions with unique insights from psychological theories, practical examples and interactive tests. 

Is there a 'dark side’ to social media? Is fear of missing out affecting your decision-making? Can you improve your captaincy and transfer choices? How can you cope more effectively with a poor gameweek? This book will help you understand how your brain works, pinpoint your managerial strengths and weaknesses, and prepare you to deal with anything an FPL season can throw at you.

The Mind Game will give you a psychological edge over your rivals, but also a deeper understanding of yourself – it will change the way you play FPL forever.


Halcyon Publishing
23 x 15 cm
188 pages
July 2021