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The Great Pie Revolt: A Gastronomic Guide to the Premier League and EFL

Jack Peat

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From the publisher:

Few things convey the identity of Britain's towns and cities more vocally than football and food, yet put them together and they become incompatible foes. Balti pies served out of tin trays and rubbery burgers that cost north of a tenner are typical of the over-the-counter fare that welcomes fans through the turnstile. But it doesn't have to be that way.

As Britain embraces a craft revolution of locally made produce we, the travelled football fans, have the unique opportunity to experience the country in a way few others can. We can feast on cockles and mussels on the south-east coast, tuck into smack barm and pey wet in Lancashire and drink our way through an explosion of craft distillers and breweries all in the name of the club we love. The Great Pie Revolt is the definitive guide to the cafes, market stalls, takeaways, microbrewers, pubs and bars that pride themselves on their locality.

It is proof that when paired properly football and food are a match made in heaven, but both are in dire need of a spectator-driven revolt.

The author:

From a young age Jack Peat would sneak out the house to travel to far-flung places around the country and watch football. He's long been captivated by away days. Exiled to London where he now edits The London Economic as well as writing for VICE, Huffington Post and the Independent, he still travels frequently to watch games and discover new places across all levels of the football pyramid.


Pitch Publishing
22 x 14 cm
304 pages
August 2021