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The Day We Won the Cup: England Then and Now

Chris Arnot

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From the publisher:

Another book about football? Well, yes and no. Yes, the reason for its existence is the fast-approaching fiftieth anniversary of England’s finest two hours on a football field. And, yes, it’s full of memories from some of those who were at the World Cup Final, 1966, those who saw it on the television and those who somehow missed it altogether. But the bubble of optimism hovering over England in the summer of ’66 was not confined to Wembley or to football in general.

Over twenty years after the War, there was a feeling afoot that things were getting better. Employment was plentiful and the gap between rich and poor was diminishing. Threaded through this book are observations about how we behaved, ate, dressed, drank, drove, danced, watched television and, yes, football in a very different England from the de-industrialised, consumerist, increasingly fragmented society of today.

Chris Arnot has captured the mood of that never-to-be-forgotten day with anecdotes and photos, brilliantly.



Step Beach Press
21 x 15 cm
Black and white photographs throughout
152 pages
August 2015