Stadiums of Ukraine


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From the publisher:

This edition contains information about Ukrainian stadiums that held official matches of professional teams in all the competitions starting from the first championship of independent Ukraine. This was an exceptional transitional one taking place at the beginning of 1992. This season’s Cup had been put up from February until May, while Championship from March until July. This was since the last USSR championship finished in autumn 1991 while Ukrainian seasons were decided to be played as “autumn – spring” ones.

So we have gathered statistical information about Perekhidna (transitional or third), Druha (second), Persha (first), Vyshcha (top, later Premier) leagues and national Cup starting from 1992 and concluding with 2018-2019 season. During this period there were more than 30,000 matches played in 256 settlements in 24 oblasts (regions) and The Autonomous Republic of Crimea at 403 venues. We were unfortunately not able to attend all of them in person and see how well are they preserved as well as take our own pictures. But still, we have managed to collect most of the data and arrange it here. Well investigated stadiums have got full set of data, photo and text support. With those stadiums with incomplete information, we expect your help. We hope that for a future republication of this handbook we would manage to fill all the gaps.

In this handbook, one can find a variety of venues ranging from rural stadiums that somehow managed to host professional matches to well-known arenas where big matches with thousands of spectators took place. And it seems to us that such vicinity adds some charisma to the edition as one turning over these pages would easily travel to different spots across our country as well as travel in time because scores of stadiums are ruined, demolished or reconstructed. Hundreds of venues have got wooden benches replaced with individual plastic seats. Worth to mention that artificial turfs started their attack on grass pitches. Many stadiums are now neglected and abandoned so chances they will host big matches decrease day after day. We do believe that despite the epoch of globalization and all-embracing television and the Internet football matches will remain the islets of the real game and passion swirling on pitches will never fade!"

Note from Stanchion:

Please note that this book is entirely in Ukrainian with no English language edition available.

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August 2020