Staantribune #50: Ruud Gullit


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From the publisher: 

“I believe that this is the fascinating thing about him: although he does not make a mysterious or a tormented impression – unlike his friend Rijkaard, or his mate Van Basten – Ruud Gullit already tells and does things for a lifetime that surprise you, that you did not see, that you did not see, which at one time bears witness to an original view of things, the gaze of a naive painter, and the next time he has reached the right person’s right.was that he would become an individualistic world star,” writes Frank Heinen about the cover hero of Sting Tribune 50.

In addition to the portrait of Ruud Gullit by Frank Heinen, this edition of Staantribune is full of the original articles. We have a special contribution from Argentina correspondent Remi Lehmann. The junta in Buenos Aires used the 1978 World Cup as the propaganda tool to nip the international criticism of the regime (1976-1983) in the bud. But while the national selection was used as a business card, club football could count on less love from the military. The regime left a legacy of forced relocations, disappearances and deep debts. Forty years after the fall of the junta, the scars of the murderous regime are still visible.

In the section De Groundhop Joris van de Wier takes you to the Irish Galway United, once opponent of FC Groningen in the UEFA Cup, and our anglophile also visited a match with a special backdrop in Wales. To stay in the United Kingdom: Katwijkwer Geert Heemskerk talks about how he visits every home game of Tottenham Hotspur and Martijn Schwillens writes about how he became the youngest club owner ever (!) in Great Britain 25 years ago, which was the most normal thing in the world for him.In addition, we talked to Dick van Burik about his time at Hertha BSC, we visited the Belgian derby between Sporting Charleroi and Standard and went to Valencia for an extensive portrait of the iconic Mestalla stadium.

Of course, we stayed in our own country. For example, we walked through Arnhem, an underestimated football town, we have a backstory about two-time national champion RCH, we spoke to Wim van der Horst about his hat-trick on behalf of FC Den Bosch against Ajax, exactly forty years ago, and we pay attention to a special shirt by Willem van Hanegem.

Of course the columns of Groundhopper des Vaderlands Hans Douw, FC Dordrecht -supporter Elisa Kuster and (again) Frank Heinen should not be missing in this anniversary edition of Staanstande (number 50!)

In short: another full and varied song with photogenic contributions from, among others, the always modest master photographer Marco Magielse (plus a unique photo of De Alkmaarderhout, the old stadium of AZ)!

Note from Stanchion:

This publication is entirely in Dutch, with no English translation available. However, there are more than enough photos to satisfy any non-Dutch speaker!


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