Square Peg, Round Ball: Football, TV and Me

Ned Boulting

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From the publisher:

'What Ned hasn't seen on a sports TV channel isn't worth knowing about.' - Gabby Logan

'From falling out with Mourinho to flying with Gerrard, this is a wonderful journey through football.' - Henry Winter

'A great read by one of sport's good guys.' - Jonathan Liew

'A beautiful love letter to a love no longer felt.' - Adrian Chiles

Square Peg, Round Ball is a candid, insightful reminiscence on a life in football. From time to time, as I lurched from training ground to player's tunnel, I'd be glared at by Alex Ferguson, clapped on the back by Arsene Wenger, taken out the back by Alan Pardew or banned by Jose Mourinho. In the time it took for the Golden Generation to come of age, dominate, disappoint and retire, I fell in - and ultimately out - of love with the game, as I was granted a uniquely privileged insight into the backstage comings and goings of the professional football circus.

Although best known as ITV's commentator on the Tour de France, Ned Boulting has spent most of his professional life covering football. Follow Ned's journey from football supporter to reporter - from criss-crossing the country in a banger of a car hoping for a word or two from the latest big signing, to the glamour of the Champions League. Ned really has been there, done that, and got the Sky Sports jacket to prove it.

Witnessing the shenanigans, the machinations and the idiocy of football at close quarters Ned shares his best stories with affection. Whether it's treading mud into Steven Gerrard's pristine white carpets, or nearly being pushed into oncoming traffic by a menacing Vinnie Jones, or being chased away from Roman Abramovich's house by some scary looking men on quadbikes - Ned has made a fool of himself to bring us the best tales from his experiences in 90s and 2000s football.

The author:

Ned Boulting began his television career in 1997 when he joined Sky Sports' Soccer Saturday. He moved to ITV Sport in 2001, and has covered a range of football events including the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and the FA Cup over a period of fifteen years. Ned is the author of five books, including the bestselling How I Won the Yellow Jumper and On the Road Bike. He lives in London with his wife and two children. @nedboulting


Square Peg
20 x 13 cm
256 pages
April 2023