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Show Me the Way to Plough Lane: The Remarkable Story of Wimbledon FC's Return Home

Gary Jordan

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From the publisher:

Show Me The Way To Plough Lane is the ultimate story of football fan power. It is the story of how Wimbledon reclaimed its football club and brought it back to the heart of its community after years of nomadic existence. It retraces the club's history from its genesis on Wimbledon Common to Plough Lane, the place Wimbledon FC called home for the best part of a century.

After rumours of mergers and relocations, the club ground-shared after the Taylor Report. A decade passed with the fans sold lie after lie until the club was ripped from its community and re-sited many miles away. Not only was the club homeless, it was now dead.

A group of fans who were at the heart of protests against the move decided to start again - from the very bottom if necessary. And they vowed to bring football back to Wimbledon, to where it all started. After an absence of almost 30 years, the side finally returned home - just a long ball away from where the original ground sat, in Plough Lane.

The author:

Gary Jordan is a sports feature writer for The American magazine and has contributed to several football fanzines, both online and in print. This is his second book. The first, Out of the Shadows: The Story of the 1982 England World Cup Team, was published in 2017. He is an AFC Wimbledon season-ticket holder.


22 x 14 cm
352 pages
November 2021