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Shankly Two

Ken Grant

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From the publisher:

This is one of a series of short, staple bound books published by Café Royal Books. Café Royal Books is the publishing project of artist and scholar Craig Atkinsion, dedicated to the creation of a “focussed and complete archive of British documentary photography.” Café Royal books are generally printed in black and white in relatively small editions, and focus on works by photographers of any nationality made in the British Isles, as well as works by British photographers made abroad.

In 2015, Ken Grant contributed four photographic narratives to Cafe Royal Books. The series is part of the CRB series that considers Documentary Photography in Britain since the 1960s. The Contributions extended Ken Grant's engagement with the working class districts he has photographed over the last three decades. Shankly relates the first of two series about pub football in the working class districts of Liverpool.


Cafe Royal Books
14 x 20 cm
28 pages
2nd edition