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Second City: The Fall, Death and Rise of Cork City FC: Season 2009

Neal Horgan

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From the publisher:

The Fall, Death and Rise of Cork City FC: Book 2

‘Second City,’ is the follow up to Neal Horgan’s critically acclaimed account of Cork City FC’s 2008 season, entitled ‘Death of a Football Club?’

Enter the turbulent dressing room at Cork City FC in 2009 as Neal Horgan and his teammates fight for their careers during a bizarre and fateful season. Witness the players' ‘annus horribilis’ of bounced cheques, delayed payments, pay cuts and evictions.

Then, suddenly, a message carried down from the top of the bus. Someone near the card school heard it and it got relayed to us at the back: ‘Christ – they’re saying the bus driver won’t drive up, and that we have to get off.’
‘You’re f**king kidding!’ exclaimed Muzza.
But Murph answered, ‘No Muz, it’s true. Tommy’s the one saying it. They haven’t been paid and are refusing to move until it’s resolved.’
There was a mixture of excitement and bewilderment all around.
‘What the f**k are we gonna do?’ asked Muzza.

The author:

Neal Horgan is a Practising Solicitor living in Cork City and a regular contributor to the Irish Examiner's sports pages. Between 2000 and 2015, Horgan played 15 seasons with Cork City FC in the League of Ireland, winning every major trophy and playing in every European competition available. A self proclaimed 'conservative full back' in his playing days, Horgan admits that his books have been influenced by a diverse range of influences including Eamon Dunphy's 'Only a Game', 'A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch' by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and 'Catch-22, ' by Joseph Heller. 


20 x 13 cm
310 pages
October 2016