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Passovotchka: Moscow Dynamo in Britain 1945

David Downing

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From the publisher:

On 4 November 1945 a party from Moscow Dynamo Football Club travelled to Britain to play four matches against top British teams. They departed thirty-three days later, leaving a trail of controversy in their unbeaten wake. With the Cold War not yet begun, Russia was still Britain's ally and everyone claimed to want to keep politics out of sport.

But the Soviet authorities were clearly anxious that Dynamo's performance should reflect well on the State; and there were many in the British press eager to make political capital out of the controversy surrounding the tour. David Downing has researched the details of this eventful and historic tour meticulously. The result is both a vivid portrait of club football's early forays into the international arena and a fascinating picture of two cultures helplessly colliding.

The author:

David Downing is the author of a political thriller, two alternative histories and a number of books on military and political history and other subjects as diverse as Neil Young and Russian Football.


20 x 13 cm
288 pages
June 2000