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OOF #7


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From the publisher:

Tragedy, drama, catharsis, grief and a lot of pints: OOF issue seven is here, and it's a wild one. Scottish artist Trackie McLeod talks about using football to question issues of masculinity, writer Paula Akpan looks at the contemporary racial dynamics of Donald Rodney's depiction of John Barnes, and Rosemary Waugh talks to performance artist Rosa- Johan Uddoh about her artwork-slash-football match that tackles capitalism, two footed. It all gets personal too, with Guy Oliver dissecting how football impacts his art, and the painter Emma Cousin going deep on grief and familial love with the writer Louise Benson. Plus we look at Eduardo Chillida's youth as a professional goalkeeper, the emotional resonance of a Kylian Mbappé screenshot and why a sculpture of a football is never just a sculpture of a football.


16 x 24 cm
82 pages
June 2021