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OOF #6


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From the publisher:

The incredible painting on the front of this issue is 'A Sweet Lob from 25 Yards' by London icon Caroline Coon. It's one of eight football-inspired paintings from her 'Arena' series, all of which are included in this issue. We've also got Dale Berning Sawa looking at the street tapestries of young French artist Delphine Dénéréaz, curator George Vasey getting all misty eyed about the ecstatic emotions in old football photos, Eddy Frankel diving deep into the relationship between Watford legend Luther Blissett and the QAnon conspiracy theory, and the amazing Swedish football writer Fredrik Ekelund letting it all out about Zlatan's great betrayal. OOF indeed.


16 x 24 cm
82 pages
November 2020