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One Day in April - A Hillsborough Story: A mother's journey through love, loss and her fight for justice

Jenni Hicks

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From the publisher:

On the morning of Saturday 15 April 1989, Jenni Hicks, her husband, and their two teenage daughters, Sarah and Vicki, went to watch a football match. That was to be their last day as a family. Sarah and Vicki didn't come home, and Jenni's world was changed forever.

Since that fateful day, Jenni has tirelessly campaigned for justice for her own and others' families. But this is not the story of the Hillsborough tragedy. This is a story of what came before and after that day: of a mother's love, her unimaginable bravery, a flame of hope that never died, and a quest for justice that has lasted three decades.

It is a journey that has taken her from Allerton Cemetery to the Courts of Appeal, from the depths of despair to meetings with Prime Ministers and royalty. With the final court cases coming to a conclusion in spring 2021, Jenni's role as the longest-serving committee member of the Hillsborough Family Support Group is coming to an end - and she can finally give herself permission to grieve solely as a mother, rather than as a campaigner. One Day In April is the first time that Jenni has spoken about her story in full, and is a unique and poignant tribute to the lives that Sarah and Vicki lost, and the final word from the extraordinary mother they left behind.

The author:

Jenni Hicks was the vice chair, and the longest-serving committee member, of the Hillsborough Families Support Group. She fought for justice for her daughters, and the other ninety-four victims of the Hillsborough disaster, for over three decades, and continues to campaign for Maria Eagle MP's and Lord Michael Wills' Public Advocate Bill, and Bishop James Jones's 'Hillsborough Law' Public Authority (Accountability) Bill. Her story was featured in Jimmy McGovern's 1996 film, Hillsborough, starring Christopher Eccleston and Annabelle Apsion, but she has not spoken personally about her private life and journey as a mother until now. Jenni lives in Liverpool, and volunteers as a school governor for young people who have been excluded from mainstream education.


Seven Dials
24 x 16 cm
272 pages
October 1999