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Montevideo: A Trip to the Heart of Football

Hardy Grüne

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From the publisher:

Montevideo – eine Reise ins Herz des Fußballs.

Together with Buenos Aires, Montevideo is one of the oldest football strongholds in the world, with a passionate fan culture. Uruguay, which has as many inhabitants as Berlin, can look back on enormous successes: two Olympic champions, two world champions, 15 times Copa America winners - and thus more often than Brazil or Argentina. Montevideo is Uruguay's footballing epicenter. Hardy Grüne visited the city in 2014 and 2017 and went in search of the roots of football love. He not only went to the big ones Penarol and Nacional, he also visited the "little ones" like Defensor, Wanderers, Cerro, Rampla Juniors, Fénix, Liverpool etc. What he found was a unique stadium landscape that enables real time travel, a deeply rooted fan love that shapes everyday life and a lively football culture,

His book tells on 128 lavishly illustrated pages of the history and above all the present of football in Montevideo. The journey goes to iconic canchas such as the Estadio Olímpico by Rampla Juniors, where an ancient tango is used as opening music, to the ultra-modern Estadio Campeón del Siglo by serial master Penarol, with which Uruguay wants to break into the modern age. In Montevideo, however, the focus is always somehow on the past, and this is impressively represented by the Estadio Centenario, the final venue of the 1930 World Cup.

Message from Stanchion:

Please note that the text is in entirely in German, with no English translation available.


21 x 30 cm
128 pages
Approximately 250 photos
January 2019