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Manchester City: The Secret History of a Club That Has No History

Mike Devlin

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From the publisher:

How did the inflatable banana save football?Did you know Pope John-Paul II was a follower? How MCFC almost started World War III. 'You have no history' is a familiar chant heard by Manchester City fans, who are used to being tormented for years of apparent underachievement. From the very first match on 13 November 1880, through to the present day and beyond, read and learn about the history of a great club.

Documenting all the club's ups and downs, Mike Devlin tries to convince you that the club that has no history really does have one after all.

The author:

Mike Devlin, a life-long Manchester City fan, who started writing officially for the club in 2013, and founded the award winning mcfcforum.com in 2010, decided that the history of his beloved club although well documented, was not exactly to his liking: it was just far too serious. He decided to embark on a journey of putting this correct, and what you have in your hands is the result (after the lawyers had removed and censored about half of it). Of course, this is not to say that all others before him have been wrong, just that they haven't been right.


Amberley Publishing
20 x 13 cm
160 pages
April 2015