Liverpool Football Programmes: The Definitive Collector's Guide

Andy Marsden

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From the publisher:

Do you remember the first football match you went to? The first time you went to Anfield? Your first away match? Your first European game? Visits to Wembley? Rome? Istanbul? If you have ever been to watch Liverpool play, the chances are you will have a programme. And if you have a programme, you will have a little bit of history in your hands. Now, for the first time, 75 seasons of Liverpool football programmes have been catalogued and assembled in one place.

Starting as World War II draws to a close, the book takes you on a journey through the post-war history of Liverpool Football Club, a journey on which the matchday programmes are your guide. Each season is reviewed through the pages of the programmes, recalling particular matches, players and managers. This comprehensive book provides you with the definitive list of first team programmes from all of Liverpool's matches from 1945/46 to 2019/20.

A full-colour reproduction of every programme cover for close to 5,000 matches is provided plus special features and memorabilia from the club's six European Cup victories. This stunning book shows you rare, obscure, and never-before-seen programmes, discusses specific matchday editions, variants and pirates, and shares tips on how to identify fakes, reprints and reproductions. Travel with the Reds on their early tours to the United States and Canada; discover the "forgotten tours" to Czechoslovakia, Sweden and France; and, share in their dreams of European conquest, starting with a bumpy plane ride to Reykjavik.

Along the way, relive the dramas, the comebacks, the tragedies and the heroics - and the strangest season of all, in which Liverpool, reigning Champions of Europe, were crowned Champions of England and Champions of the World. This book does more than tell you the history of the past 75 seasons, it lets you share in it and helps you make it your own. With a foreword from the former FA chief executive, Brian Barwick OBE.

Written and painstakingly researched by Andy Marsden, a fanatical Reds' supporter and collector of Liverpool programmes for more than 50 years. All profits from the book are being donated to the LFC Foundation charity to help create life-changing opportunities for children and young people.

The author:

Andy Marsden has been a collector of Liverpool football programmes and memorabilia for more than fifty years. His lifelong passion for Liverpool FC has enabled him to follow the team all over the world, and to experience many highs and a few lows. In 2016, he began a comprehensive research project into Liverpool football programmes from World War II to the present day, which has led to this, his debut book. He has also contributed to a number of other books - both published and soon to be published - on his favourite football team. In what spare time remains, he assists the Liverpool FC Museum Curator with queries from Liverpool fans across the world, and provides help and information to the team who run the Liverpool FC Official Archives. You can follow him on Twitter @LFCProgMan


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December 2021