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Johnny Cook: The Impossible Job

Iain Macintosh

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From the publisher:

Harton Town are in trouble. With three games left before the end of the season, they’re six points adrift at the bottom of the table. They need a hero. They got a delivery driver. And not a particularly good one at that.

Johnny Cook is out of shape, out of luck and very nearly out of hair. But it wasn’t always like this. Back in 1986, he was Harton’s hottest young striker for almost twenty minutes before a heavy challenge ended his career on the same night it began.

Due to a ridiculous, and yet somehow plausible, series of events, Cook is given the chance to save his old club from the drop. His players hate him, his chairman hates him, and his girlfriend is struggling to recall exactly what it was she ever liked about him.

Iain Macintosh's comic novel. It’s that old-fashioned rags-to-rags, boy-has-girl, girl-doesn’t-like-boy, boy-wants-to-keep-girl, girl-wants-a-boy-who-doesn’t-use-farts-as-punctuation story, juxtaposed against the top level of English football and set to the music of Supertramp.

The author:

Iain Macintosh is a British journalist, author and podcaster. He has worked for ESPN, and has been the editor at The Set Pieces and written for The Guardian. He has also had articles in The Blizzard and Sports Illustrated, The Anfield Wrap,and has appeared on the BBC television programme Premier League World. He has written numerous articles and books about the computer game Football Manager.

He is also a co-founder of Muddy Knees production which produces The Totally Football Show, amongst other podcasts.


The Blizzard
21 x 15 cm
224 pages