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Is it Just Me or is Modern Football S**t? : An Encyclopaedia of Everything That is Wrong in the Modern Game

Jim Keoghan

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From the publisher:

Does the sight of half-scarves enrage you? Does transfer-deadline day make you want to throw a brick through the TV? Do the opening bars of goal music make your ears bleed? If the answer is 'yes', then this could be the book for you. Since English football's very own 'Year Zero' in 1992, the game has changed beyond recognition, rejecting the rough-and-ready days of the past. And like any change, not all of it has been welcome.

The quality of the 'football product' might be better but it's come with spiralling levels of debt, yawning inequality and Neymar advertising batteries. These, and many other ills of the modern game, form Jim Keoghan's exploration of the nation's favourite pastime. Navigating a world populated by dodgy owners, celebrity referees and Ray Winstone's floating head, he searches for an answer to the question: Is it Just Me or is Modern Football S**t?

The author:

Jim is the author of four books including Punk Football, How to Run a Football Club, Highs, Lows and Bakayokos (Everton in the 90s) and Everton's Greatest Games. He has been published in FourFourTwo, The New Statesman, When Saturday Comes and many other publications. His loathing of modern football is only partially motivated by the fact his own club, Everton, have been mostly s**t since the Premier League began


Pitch Publishing
22 x 14 cm
256 pages
May 2021