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Grandad - What Was Football Like in the 1960s?

Richard Crooks

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From the publisher:

Taking grandson Charlie to his first football game made me really think – what was football like for me at his age in the 1960s ? The clubs, the grounds, the crowds, the players, the managers, the wider football experience.

Opening with an overview of Charlie’s first game at Reading – getting the tickets, going to the game, the modern stadium, the merchandising, the clubs, the players, the referee, the action and the reporting of the match.

Focus of the book moves to the 1960s, how it was for a lad growing up in Sheffield who is very keen on football and all that goes with it, going to his first game at Hillsborough and the great changes over the decade.

Key subject areas include - the grounds, the crowds and the growing spectre of hooliganism, the top clubs, the competitions, the players, managers, referees, reporting, and the World Cup – 1966 to the fore, and much more.

In summary it is a book that will rekindle those memories of how football was in the 1960s. It will stimulate the reader’s thinking on changes that have taken place since that time and consider are those changes for the good ?

The author:

Richard Crooks has taken a keen interest in all things football since growing up in Sheffield in the 1960s. He has watched the game for over 50 years and seen how it has developed and changed over that time.

He has travelled widely seeing games throughout the UK, Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and New Zealand. His passion is the game in this country and all those elements that go to make up the game of football.

Having lived in counties where his local league clubs have been Norwich City, Southend United, Gillingham and Aldershot he now lives in Hertfordshire. He is a lifelong supporter of Sheffield Wednesday. This is his first book.


DB Publishing
23 x 16 cm
284 pages
April 2015