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Football's Coming Out: Life as a Gay Fan and Player

Neil Beasley, Seth Burkett

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From the publisher:

BEING gay in football - as fan or player - is to risk the homophobia that has run through the game for years. But things are changing. Gradually a few brave professional players have come out.

And someone like NEIL BEASLEY now feels able to tell his poignant and uplifting story in Football's Coming Out. Coventry City fan, player for Birmingham Blaze - National Gay Football Supporters Network League champions - as well as chairman of the club, Neil tells honestly of the pains of growing up gay in the sport and fighting for his right to enjoy the game he loves without prejudice.

The author:

NEIL BEASLEY is a player with, and chairman of, Birmingham Blaze, National Gay Football Supporters Network League champions. Co-author SETH BURKETT has also written The Boy In Brazil, which was shortlisted for Best Football Book in the British Sports Book Awards.


Floodlit Dreams
20 x 13 cm
240 pages
September 2016