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Football Love

Niko Schmidt, Jörg Weusthoff von Kirchbach

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From the publisher:

Soccer we love you!

This book is a declaration of love for football. In sport, which is the most beautiful thing in the world. Who connects people and cultures. The playing field and stage of greatest emotions is. Who creates moments and images for eternity.

16 of the best sports photographers in Germany present their most beautiful football motifs in this opulent illustrated book. A lot of space is left for the photo works, but they are not exhibited wordlessly, but are enhanced by short stories about the love for the ball. Personal, emotional, irrational - just like football is.

Spectacular shots that capture the very moment when the turf tears under the cleats, the player starts to head the ball, the goalkeeper can only reach behind him and the loyal fans behind the gang celebrate or despair. From the district league to the Champions League.

11Freunde editor-in-chief Philipp Köster and musician and author Thees Uhlmann describe how individual the love of football can be in two very personal and emotional essays that make it clear: football is and will remain an affair of the heart.

Pure football love on 240 pages:

  • Photo art by 16 of the best German football photographers: Thorsten Baering, Theodor Barth, Reinaldo Couddou H., Sascha Fromm, Jürgen Fromme, Tim Groothuis, Matthias Hangst, Ralf Ibing, Tim Kramer, Moritz Müller, Hans Rauchsteiner, Gerrit Starczewski, Olaf Tamm, Sebastian Wells, Anne Wild, Valeria Witters
  • The most emotional pictures from the world championship, cup final and regional league
  • Spectacularly staged on over 240 large-format pages in the best print quality
  • With portraits of the people behind the camera and stories for each picture
  • With moving essays by Philipp Köster and Thees Uhlmann

A feast for the eyes and the ideal gift for every coach, player and football fan!

Message from Stanchion:

Please note that this book is entirely in German, with no English translation available.


Delius Klasing
29 x 22 cm
240 pages