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Football is Everywhere #3: Ireland

Football is Everywhere

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From the publisher:

From getting a look inside the head into one of Ireland’s most successful referees to mental health organizations in football.

From the home of Irish football to the GAA.
We go as far as the South to Wexford and as far as North as Donegal.

In fact, you’ll also see us as far West as possible, visiting the region of Connemara in Ireland.

You’ll learn about the Irish Langauge, the culture, the struggles that football in Ireland went on. The struggle of certain regions. The history of the game in Ireland, and the history of the women’s national team. All of that, compiled together, through breathtaking photography taken 100% by our team.

The author:

Pato Jerzak is currently a professional football player and also the person behind the idea of "Football is Everywhere". Having grown up in a privileged country (Sweden) where she never was stopped from playing football, knowing that in many countries it's not possible to play, especially for women, she is on a mission to change that. With this magazine, she wanted to show the beauty and importance of football in communities.

Michael Smolski is a sports documentary filmmaker coming from Ireland with a passion for telling stories worth telling especially in the world of football.  He's also a sports photographer and journalist but prefers to spend his time filming. He's currently working on two major football documentaries.

Matt Berry is a British graphic designer based in Buckinghamshire, UK that has been practicing graphic design for over 20 years. He currently runs his own design practice called Made by Berry. In 2012 he turned a passion-project into a football brand called Dinkit. Dinkit fuses the beautiful game with graphic design and typography to create football art & design.


20 x 13 cm
72 pages
February 2022