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Football Clubs: Volume 1

Hardy Grüne

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From the publisher:

Fußballvereine - Band 1.

Football history is written in many places. The book series "ZEITSPIEL Legenden" tells them across the board and locally. How it was, how it became, how it is today. Detailed and knowledgeable club portraits from the foundation to the present. Written by proven connoisseurs, heavily illustrated, emotional, enriching.

Volume 1 contains:

Large portraits: Altona 93, SC Leu 06 Braunschweig, Eintracht Osnabrück, Wuppertaler SV, Sportfreunde Hamborn 07, SC Jülich 10, FC Vorwärts Berlin, FC Vorwärts Frankfurt, BSG Wismut Gera, Borussia Neunkirchen, BSC Oppau, FC Bayern Hof, CSC 03 Kassel , FC Emmendingen, Notts County, Wiener Sport-Club, Huracán Buenos Aires

Brief portraits: MTV Braunschweig, FC Stern Bremen, TSV Friesen Hänigsen, LoLa Hohenlockstedt, BVH Dorsten, SV Brackwede, FC Hennef 05, Hellweg Lütgendortmund, TSG / FV Gröditz, SC Frankfurt / O., VfB / BSG MK Sangerhausen, BSG Baumechanik Neubrandenburg, SC Birkenfeld, Sportfreunde Herdorf, SC 07 Altenkessel, FC Penzberg, Olympia Lampertheim, Mannheimer FC Lindenhof, SG Loerrach-Stetten

Message from Stanchion:

Please note that the text is in entirely in German, with no English translation available.


24 x 17 cm
168 pages
Approximately 150 photos
February 2020