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Football Africa!

Marc Broere, Roy van der Drift

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From the publisher:

Nigeria's victory in the Olympic Games soccer competition sent a clear message to the world that African football had to be taken seriously. For Africa, football has been a serious matter for decades. Everyone gets involved in the local competitions which nurture the talents of the stars that will later shine in the important matches around the world. With their spectacular style the African players cause a sensation. At a local level though, it's not just the winning that counts, it's also about the unity of the village, the girls on the touchline, and the magic practices which help to endure the win.

Football Africa! offers a comprehensive account of African football and African footballers in Europe. Through the many interviews with players, the football bosses, coaches, and others connected with the development of the game, the atmosphere and enthusiasm of African football is brought to life. Famous and failed players tell of their moves abroad, of how they see Western society, and how they are welcomed back to the fold as heroes in Africa.

This is a book for anyone interested in football in the African context. It shows how football has been used to develop a sense of national pride and to encourage broader social development in Africa. The authors make a plea for development agencies and governments not to dismiss the relevance of sport in international development but to pay more attention to the need to encourage grassroots sports projects in Africa as part of their development work.


WorldView Publications
20 x 13 cm
144 pages
June 1997