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Fifty Shades of White: Half a Century of Pain and Glory with Leeds United

Gary Edwards

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From the publisher:

Fifty Shades of White is Gary Edwards's fifth book; and he returns with more fabulous, rib-tickling tales that come with half a century of following one of the most talked about football clubs in the world. Like the time he was asked to accompany a four-and-a-half-foot tall monk with a large hearing aid, who hadn't previously left his abbey for 25 years, to a Leeds United game as part of a BBC documentary. Or the time he escaped from hospital, still in his hospital gown and attached to a catheter, a blood bag, several needles and with two tampons stuck up his nose to travel 70 miles up the A1 in a thunderstorm for a relatively meaningless Leeds game at Darlington.

There is a fascinating, controversial and hilarious insight into Leeds United's former owner Ken Bates, gleaned from being a special guest at his birthday and Christmas parties for eight consecutive years. Fifty Shades of White gives a unique fan insight into the club and a life devoted to Leeds United.

The author:

A painter and decorator by trade, Fifty Shades of White is Gary Edwards's fifth book. His first, the best-selling Paint it White, was transformed into a national sell-out stage play, which also included follow-up book The Second Coat. His third was the highly-acclaimed No Glossing Over. Fanatical in 2014 was penned with long-time friend and author Andy Starmore.


Pitch Publishing
21 x 14 cm
256 pages
September 2016