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Fantasy Premier League: Unlocking the Secrets to a Top 1% Finish

Toby Margetts, Gianni Buttice

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From the publisher:

Fantasy Premier League has become more than a game. It’s a phenomenon that saw over eight million hopeful managers sign up to the 2020/21 season and those numbers will only continue to grow.
With around 24 septillion possible lineups a manager can go with, it’s no wonder that the pursuit of perfection can feel futile - but that’s what keeps us coming back. The truth is there are untold subtleties that separate 99% of players from the elite 1% who consistently occupy the top of the overall rankings, not to mention taking home the prize pots and bragging rights at the end of each season.

This book will show you how to join that 1%. FPL veterans and perennial top 1% finishers Toby and Gianni share everything they’ve learned from over 12 years of FPL graft – from pre-season scouting to the final sprint, unveiling the patterns and habits that only the best exhibit. It’s an invaluable manual of data, managerial nous and the all-too-familiar learnings of despair and heartbreak, neatly packaged up to power your team to the top.

For those looking for the lighter touch, you can dip into an entire FPL season diarised by Gianni: every move and thought process from GW1 to GW38 complete with triumphs, despair and a questionable Wifi connection. There’s also an intimate insight into the boys’ WhatsApp group and the mind games they inflict on each other to try and gain a crucial edge.

Armed with this unprecedented knowledge and know-how, you’ll have an enormous edge over anyone you come up against. This book is not a guide to how to play Fantasy Premier League – it’s how to win.


Halcyon Publishing
23 x 15 cm
174 pages