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Fanatics: The World's Greatest Football Crowds


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From the publisher: 

This enormous book is an ode. An ode to the love, passion, pleasure, loyalty, fidelity and solidarity of the real, true football supporter. A declaration of love to all the hundreds of thousands of people who climb our stands every week; singing, sighing and sizzling.

We were forced to miss them for almost two years as a result of the Covid pandemic leading to the most soulless period in football history. Proof that Celtic manager Jock Stein was right once and for all by saying: "Football without fans is nothing."

They are back in this book. In hundreds of photos, we brought together more than 250 of the most fanatical, most loyal and most authentic supporter groups in the world. Not only men with bare torsos, impressive tattoos, angry faces, pyros and tifos, but also overjoyed children, die hard grandmothers, faithful grandfathers and even a man dressed as a tropical island. Common denominator: unadulterated, true love for their club.


25 x 24 cm
386 pages
May 2022