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Santos #15: Eredivisie Shirtbible


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From the publisher: 

Would we like to make a timeless football shirt bible, with all the clubs that have ever played in the premier league? Of course we wanted to. There is hardly a better subject.

The football shirt has been in the dark for a long time, at festivals and parties you may not even wear them, but that is finally starting to change. Football shirts are fashion nowadays. Street fashion, haute couture, old men's fashion, hipster fashion, high fashion, gym fashion or ordinary fashion for at home on the couch.

But just as important: the football shirt is a source of sentiment and club love. Every special detail, every sponsor, every color and every collar evokes emotions. Every football shirt has a story, an anecdote, an era, a memory. In this beautiful book you drown in it.

Note from Stanchion: 

This publication is entirely in Dutch, with no English translation available. However, there are more than enough photos and kits to satisfy any non-Dutch speaker!


19 x 25 cm
162 pages