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Dogma #4


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From the publisher:

50-page hand-finished printed fanzine, celebrating and documenting BHAFC fan culture, our marvelous club, and the city of Brighton. Featuring a beautiful cover illustration from Dogma’s Jamie Eke. Plus:


- Churn ‘you can afford to be relaxed about losing great players if you know how to develop great replacements’ - Fanzine Wanker / @fanzinewanker

- ‘Hipsterball’ or how our culture is being co-opted by those who now think it’s cool - James Halling / @JWH891989

- VAR: subjective objectivity ‘football has always been a game of subjective decisions’ - Iain Budgen / @iainbudgen

- What is Arsenal? ‘the whole underlying ethos of the big6opoly is disparity and unearned reward’ – Parker

- Bum Fluff - Stefan Swift / @swiftenburg

- Mr Misconceptions: Pascal Gross - Parker, in association with German football writer Sascha Kruppa @KruppaSascha

- High Interest Loans #4 Leo Skiri Østigård - Ed Woodhouse / @edwardwoodhouse


- Football is not a TV show ‘It felt great to be back at the Amex, amongst so many faces I recognised and so many friends’ - JBD (he/him/his)

- Stand Haunting – Ephemeral Dispatches from Zone A – Lee / @dr_leephd

- Sometimes your feet are weary, sometimes the way is long - Tom Hylands / @tomhylands

- Old Habits, Die Hard – Dan Tester

Images / artwork

- Jamie Eke / @JamieEke
- Iain Budgen / @iainbudgen
- Alfie Bacon / @OffAngelDesign
- Andy Holland
- Fanzine Wanker / @fanzinewanker


- Dogma sticker collection
- Player photo cards / @OffAngelDesign
- Dogma calling card
- Plus more TBC


15 x 21 cm
48 pages
September 2021