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How to Run a Football Club: The Story of Our National Game

Jim Keoghan

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From the publisher:

How to Run a Football Club is the story of our national game. Told through a journey up the pyramid, from the muddy pitches and ramshackle changing rooms at grass-roots level to the glitz and glamour of the Premier League, the book explores that common theme that links the game at all levels - the simple love of the sport.

It's there in the volunteer coaches who give up their Saturday mornings to teach kids how to play, the non-league club secretaries trying their best to get the pitch in good shape and the owners and investors risking their wealth in the unpredictable world of English football.

How to Run a Football Club delves into their stories to find out what motivates the people who keep the game alive. It explores how the sport is evolving, with the growth of women's football, walking football and esports. What does it take to run a good football club? How is money, or a lack of it, changing the game? Read this book to find out.


Pitch Publishing
22 x 14 cm
352 pages
August 2020