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Bandy & Shinty #10

Bandy & Shinty

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From the publisher: 

Issue 10 of the high end quarterly Nottingham Forest magazine, with the spirit of a fanzine.

An Audience with...

- Neil Webb (David Marples)
On fat wallets, Steve Bruce, and keeping up with Franz Carr

- Peter Davenport (David Marples)
On Anderlecht, Clough, and the greatest goal you’ve never seenobably saved it.

PART II: Features

- The Impossible Job (Phil Juggins)
On the myth of The Forest Way

- The Understudies (Nigel Huddleston)
On Clough’s obsession with the Central League

- The Generation Game (Matt Davies)
On the biggest question any father faces

- Quiz Ball (Richard Harrison)
On TV’s David Vine, who done us wrong

- Embrace the Chaos (Nick Miller)
On this coupon-busting batshit league of ours

- Forest and L’Oranje (Steve Wright)
On the Dutch, and their ways

PART III: Sliding Doors

- When Clapton was God, Joe was the King (Paul Severn)
On a tackle that changed everything

- The Alternative ‘80s (Matt Appleby)
On a handshake that never happened

- Stuart Pearce Made Me Cry (Peter Blackburn)
On a dream that never worked

PART IV: Bits & Bobs

- Come Dine With Me (Phil Juggins)
On Mark Crossley, goalie and chip thief

- Sunshine on a Rainy Day (Julie Pritchard)
On monsoons, Muppet shows, and Mickey Mouse cups

Note from Stanchion: 

Each issue comes with a bunch of free stickers too!


17 x 25 cm
52 pages
November 2018