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Bandy & Shinty #08

Bandy & Shinty

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From the publisher: 

Issue 7 of the high end quarterly Nottingham Forest magazine, with the spirit of a fanzine.

An Audience with...

- Bryan Roy (Nick Miller)
A few words with the man who convinced his wife that Nottingham was a suburb of London.

- Des Lyttle (Peter Blackburn)
From the dunes of South Wales to the Olympiastadion – an afternoon with Wolverhampton’s finest.

Hired Guns

- The Loanee Wall of Remembrance (Sean Hockett)
We shall not forget them.

- Notes from the road (Phil Juggins & Sean Hockett)
Five loanees – five stories.

- “Christ, I’d Forgotten About Him” (Tom Head)
What do you think, when you think of Adam Proudlock?

- Bye George (Matt Davies)
Underused and overlooked – the strange and twisting tale of George Boyd (sponsored by Specsavers).

- The Temporary Gentlemen (Andrew Brookes)
An ode to the caretakers. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if they’re not doing anything else, maybe you can hire... the B-Team.

On the Road Again

- It’s Off (Julie Pritchard)
The strange joy of a good postponement.

- Playing Away (Rich Fisher)
An excerpt from the new book, The Church of Stuart Pearce and Other Stories.

All You Need is Love

- Sex in the City (Ground) (Alan Williams)
Celebrating a vital goal vs the physical act of love. One’s an embarrassing moment of naked vulnerability with a stranger... and the other’s sex.

- Superstition ain’t the Way (Richard Harrison)
“Football fandom could perhaps be summed up in a three-way Venn diagram, with tradition, superstition and OCD meeting in the middle.”

- We All Agree, Nottingham Forest are Magic. I Think. (Matt Appleby)
Why do we do what we do? Remembering some dark days, and some even worse kits.

- More than Words (Nigel Huddleston)
From radio to Ceefax to ancient scoreboards – the sweet little mysteries of following Forest from a distance.

- The Generation Game (Paul Severn)
In a hallway hangs a picture. Times may change, but its story still makes sense.

Bits and Pieces

- ‘Football is Like an Aeroplane’: the Rise and Fall of 4-4-2 (Forest Boffin)
Where it went, and why you should stop shouting about it.

- The Price is Right (David Marples)
Or: Football Consumption – why you’ve been doing it wrong, and the kids are doing it right.

- The Footballer’s Wife (Kat Lichaj)
A day in the life of a mother, businesswoman, and Mrs USA, USA, USA.

- ‘Episode ref: NABF22 Aug. 2016: Fawaz Al-Hasawi’ (Phil Juggins)
Someone sent us a video. What was on it will amaze you.

Note from Stanchion: 

Each issue comes with a bunch of free stickers too!


17 x 25 cm
80 pages
May 2018