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Bandy & Shinty #07

Bandy & Shinty

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From the publisher: 

Issue 7 of the high end quarterly Nottingham Forest magazine, with the spirit of a fanzine.

The B&S 90s Spectacular, sponsored by Terry Christian

- You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ (Nigel Huddleston)
A dozy Boxing Day game against Wimbledon changes the Forest songbook forever.

- Still Dreaming of my Cardboard Champion (Daniel Storey)
Nobody puts Psycho in the corner. Unless he’s bothering the neighbours.

- ‘They Think I’m a Manager’ (Nick Miller)
In pursuit of football’s final miracle - the happy ending.

- Interview: Mr Nottingham Forest (Steve Wright)
Player, manager, chairman... and probably plumber, at some point. The legendary Frank Clark stepped into the post-Clough shadows and made a light all of his own.

- #Crap90sFootball (Phil Juggins)
Own goals - another item on the list of things that were better in the ‘90s.

- Shirts of the 90s (Sean Hockett)
The yellow one with sick on the sleeve. The green one that never even saw the light of day. Forest shirts in the 90s were like the Stones in the 80s: when they were good, they were great, but when they were bad...

- Shifting the Piano (David Marples)
It’s easy to forget just how rough the first few months of the 1993/94 season were.

- When Everything Falls into Place (Paul Severn)
For one all-too-brief afternoon in sunny South Yorkshire, Forest’s last great side reached the very top of the mountain.

- Far Have I Travelled and Much Have I Seen: a European Odyssey in Four Parts (with a Red Wine Jus) (Julie Pritchard)
Strip searches, 17-hour bus journeys, tear gas, alcohol poisoning, and too many ferries to mention.

- The Point of No Return (Andrew Brookes)
In many ways, the world was a very different place in 1998. And in others, it really, really wasn’t.

The good old days, sponsored by Woodbines and Teletext

- Noddy, Catweasle and the Snowman (Neil Syson)
‘Colourful’ characters - a euphamism for all seasons.

- Ceefax Page 302 (Matt Appleby)
If you’re over 25, you’ll already know. And if you’re under 25, you’re about to.

- Fred and Frank - the Forman Brothers (Don Wright)
Remembering the first brothers to play for England.

Note from Stanchion: 

Each issue comes with a bunch of free stickers too!


17 x 25 cm
62 pages
February 2018