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Bandy & Shinty #05

Bandy & Shinty

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From the publisher: 

Issue 5 of the high end quarterly Nottingham Forest magazine, with the spirit of a fanzine.

- Alan and Liam - Phil Juggins
It’s fair to say that Alan Hill and Liam O’Kane have seen a few things.

- This Girl Can! - Steve Wright
Where next for women’s football? We speak with the Beeb’s Jacqui Oatley

“All I’m out for is a good time” – Three Stories from Nottingham
- A View from the Meadows - David Marples
It’s like Farmfoods taking on Netto” – six Notts fans consider their beloved neighbours.

- The History Boys: Wes Morgan v Notts County - David Marples
‘Panic on the streets of Lenton / Bulwell, Basford, Bakersfield / he thundered past Rob Burch...’

- The Lord of Milan: a Footballing Odyssey - Robert Nieri
Herbert Kilpin paved the way for calcio, Il Rossoneri, and quite possibly James Richardson.

Sing When You’re Winning
- Smiles in the Sunshine, Tears in the rain – Paul Severn 
Whatever happened to the Robin Hood themetune? And whoever suggested The Fratellis? 

- ‘Gary Megson, What a Wanker, What a Wanker’ – Matt Davies
Reclaiming the poetry of the terraces, in 2017.

‘Have an away day / a cheap holiday’
- Bond, Greavsie and the Krays: a memorable away day in N17 - Alan Williams
Remembering ‘60s London, when the streets were (unfortunately) paved with goals.

- The 92 Club - Nigel Huddleston
Introducing the one-man club where you make the rules.

- League Debut: 125 years ago - Don Wright
“Fine,” said Horace Pike. “I’ll start my own bloody league.”

- Left Back: The Eternal Problem - Andrew Brookes
From 1990 to 2017 – does any one position better sum up the state of Forest?

- Brainstorm - Julie Pritchard
Safety scissors, Letraset, and the story of the legendary Brian fanzine.

Once. Twice. Three times a baby: the Fawaz Years - Peter Blackburn
The fall of a fridge magnet, in three movements.

The Game I’ll Never Forget: Nottingham Forest v Derby County - Nick Miller
Football. Bloody hell.

Note from Stanchion: 

Each issue comes with a bunch of free stickers too!


17 x 25 cm
64 pages
August 2017