Bandy & Shinty #02

Bandy & Shinty

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From the publisher: 

Issue 2 of the high end quarterly Nottingham Forest magazine, with the spirit of a fanzine.

- Spinning Coins - Peter Blackburn
They might have been giants – David Johnson lifts the lid on the summer of 2003.

The Sixties:
- “And the Scorer is...Ian Storey-Moore.” - Don Wright
No Forest player’s ever had more songs. And if you never saw him, here’s why.

- Give it to Moore, he will score - Steve Wright
“If you could make them happy, you would” – in conversation with the great man.

- Zigger Zagger, Zigger Zagger - Andy Fosterjohn
Andy climbs back on to his childhood milk crate, and sings the ballad of the sixth Beatle.

- To Elland Back - Phil Juggins
The vindication of a stranger in a strange land.

- Forgive and Forget? - Pat Riddell
Once a Red, always a Red. Or usually. Well... sometimes.

- The Man Who Turned Revenge into an Art Form - Julie Pritchard
Haters gonna hate – Roy Keane returns to Cobh, and settles some old scores.

- True revenge is About More than Violence to the Body. Violence to the Soul is Much Deeper - Nick Miller
Sound as a pound, la? Karma comes knocking for John William Aldridge.

- It Won’t Come Off - Paul Severn
‘Time to Say Goodbye’ – a survival guide for adolescents.

- A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing - Matt Davies
Because divorce is hard enough, even without Trevor Hebberd.

- It Is What It Is - Andrew Brookes
“If you wrong us, shall we not revenge?” Billy’s dish was best served everywhere.

- Riccardo Scimeca and the Bizarre Love Triangle - Richard Fisher
Because the Deed Poll service is not a toy.

The Alternative Miracle Men
“You Won’t Find a Successful Football Team at a Badly-run Club.” - David Marples
Closet open, skeletons everywhere – Proper Journalist Daniel Taylor considers the state of Forest in 2016.

- The Miracle of an Afternoon Pint - Jonny Owen
Just another normal session with three European Cup winners.

Stock, Blackstock and Peril
- Financial Review: Bridgford PLC - Steve Wright
Revisiting the most significant summer in Forest’s financial history.

- The History Boys: Dexter Blackstock - Dave Marples
The most important goal he ever scored, and it wasn’t even a back-post header.

Nottingham Forest: A View from the Villa - Joe Sharratt
We’re not famous anymore...

- “I’ve Always Wanted to Kill a Bastard Journalist.” -  Ian Whadcoat
A guided tour of Quarndon, with Brian Howard Clough.

- Nottingham Forest? Didn’t They Win the European Cup Twice? - Sean Hockett
David James looks back on his career, his games against Forest, and the time he put salt in Cloughie’s tea.

Note from Stanchion: 

Each issue comes with a bunch of free stickers too!


17 x 25 cm
76 pages
December 2016