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Atlas Soccer

Marco Mazzoni

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From the publisher:

Atlas Soccer is part of Atlas, a collection of images taken from newspapers and gathered from 1990 to 2010 and later filed by subject. The material, exclusively in paper format, was found by chance and collected without a particular reason other than the compulsive attraction to the photographic image. It was only later, in the filing process, that it has found its current form, a sort of map of the author’s obsessions.

The author:

Marco Mazzoni is an Italian choreographer, performer and visual artist. In 1989, he moved to New York to follow a training program at the Merce Cunningham studio, where he studied improvisation, performance and the visual arts. Mazzoni returned to Florence in Italy in 1994, where he worked with Roberto Castello and Virgilio Sieni. In 1995, he founded the multidisciplinary collective Kinkaleri with other artists. Besides the work of the company, he develops personal projects around plastic art, installation and performance. In 2013, Marco Mazzoni founded Mazoopub, an independent publishing house with which he developed a series of fanzines. He lives and works in Florence.


27 x 18 cm
First edition, 300 copies
208 pages
June 2017
Italian, English