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Argentina Shirt Atlas

Cune Molinero, Alejandro Turner

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From the publisher:

Atlas de Camisetas

This book is born from something that cannot be explained: from what it feels like to see a certain combination of colors emerging from the darkness of a tunnel. From that passage to the intensity that they extended to us the day they gave us our first soccer jersey.

The ATLAS is the most audacious attempt (as unnecessary as it is fascinating) to bring together in one place the largest number of shirts worn by Argentine club players, from that fleeting team to those with which national football climbed the highest peaks. tall.

In this ATLAS there are about 1,400 jerseys from more than 450 different teams. The remembered and the forgotten, the loved and the resisted, the unexpected and those that are full of meaning.

The origin of a shirt always sinks into the swampy realm of the unprovable. There, the most emphatic symbols intersect (red in clubs of socialist origin) with the most striking forms of chance (the colors of the flag of an arriving ship, of a passing truck, the fabrics that were there).

The history of the colors is the history of the clubs, and this, in its own way, is one of the many stories of the country. Football is the record of its adventures and its transformations, inseparable neighbors of the adventures and transformations of the society that practices it, enjoys it or suffers it. This book is made of those stories, shapes and colors. For anyone who feels that running after a ball is a game, yes, but the best of all.

Note from Stanchion:

Please note that this book is entirely in Spanish, with no English translation available.


Editorial Planeta
23 x 18 cm
264 pages