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All Together Now: The Extraordinary Story of AFC Wimbledon

Erik Samuelson

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From the publisher:

All Together Now is one of the great sports stories. It's about a group of football fans who were determined to right a wrong. The authorities said they shouldn't try.

People in football said it couldn't be done. Robbed of their beloved club, Wimbledon FC, they started again. They had absolutely nothing - no experience of running a club, no players, no manager, nowhere to play.

But within nine years they re-formed their team as AFC Wimbledon, rebuilt its community work, won six promotions and fought their way back into the top tiers of the game. En route, they broke records, changed the rules of football and were the subject of Prime Minister's Questions. And now they're back in their spiritual home, Wimbledon, in a brand new stadium.

For most of this time Erik Samuelson was finance director and then CEO of the club. He tells the extraordinary inside story of how the most undervalued people in football - the fans - defied the odds to take their club back to the Football League and return home.

The author:

Erik Samuelson used to sit with his family behind the goal supporting Wimbledon FC. When the club was hijacked to Milton Keynes he gave up his role as a partner in City giant PwC to be finance director and then CEO of AFC Wimbledon, the re-formed club. From 2002 he was at the heart of the club and was paid a nominal GBP1 a year. He stepped down in 2019 but continues as chair of its charitable arm, AFC Wimbledon Foundation.


Pitch Publishing
24 x 16 cm
416 pages
May 2021