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A History of European Football in 100 Objects: The Alternative Football Museum

Andy Bollen

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From the publisher:

A History of European Football in 100 Objects: The Alternative Football Museum reveals the shocking hidden history of European football. In this fantasy football museum, Bollen delves into the archives to uncover idiocy and chaos from across the continent. The exhibits highlight the very worst of the human condition: greed, cheating, match-fixing, bribery, extortion and murder.

Learn about the French captain who joined the Gestapo, the notorious football-mad Stasi boss, Erich Mielke and Gaddafi's son playing in Italy, the 1970s Lazio side that put Wimbledon's Crazy Gang to shame and the Romanian club owner who tried to stop hooliganism with a moat full of crocodiles. Along the way you'll meet Dundalk's one-armed super striker, Austrian legend Matthias Sindelar and the Italian George Best. Bollen again proves the ideal curator: passionate, meticulously informed and funny.

His insightful take on the game is compelling and at times poignant. It is an exhibition for every curious football fan.

The author:

Andy Bollen is an author, comedy writer and drummer. He has penned four critically acclaimed books: Nirvana: A Tour Diary, Sandy Trout: The Memoir, A History of Scottish Football in 100 Objects and Fierce Genius: Cruyff's Year at Feyenoord. He has written comedy for BBC TV and radio for over 27 years. He writes for the football periodical Nutmeg, and previously wrote for The Sunday Mail, Glasgow Herald, Scotland on Sunday and New York Times.


Pitch Publishing
22 x 14 cm
272 pages
February 2022