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SHUKYU #9: Life issue


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From the publisher:

Forest Green Rovers | The most eco-friendly club in the world
FC Not Alone | Addressing Mental Health Issues Through Football
Nobushi JAPAN | Homeless Soccer
Musashi Suzuki | What I can do as an athlete
Shiho Shimoyamada | Changing discrimination against LGBTQ and gender inequality from the sports world
FC Tokyo | Rehabilitation support for juvenile training schools
equipo. | Upcycling with uniforms
PARK SSC | Social contribution soccer brand
CARICOM | Football culture from a black perspective
Hong Kong football now
Motoko Jitsukawa | Everyone has the right to speak out for freedom and equality
Hiroki Ogasawara | Shankly and Stain
Atsuhisa Yamamoto | Corona's Theory of Soccer
Matteo de Mayda | San Siro
CITY BOYS FC | New Normal

San Siro / Forest Green Rovers / FC Not Alone / Nobushi Japan / Lower Manhattan, New York / Musashi Suzuki / Athletes Don't Have the Right to Talk Politics? / Shiho Shimoyamada / Learning about Society through Football / SHUKYU Badge Club / equipo. / PARK SSC / CARICOM / Glory to Hong Kong / In Spite of Football / Death of “Alea”? / New Normal

Noboru Matsumoto | Todoroki Athletics Stadium
Yokohama FC x Cerezo Osaka
SHUKYU Sports Club
Stadium Spirits vol.7
Japan Football Archive vol.8

"SHUKYU Badge Club" (Supported by Avery Dennison)
Chinatown Soccer Club / Soho Warriors / Le Ballon
Nivelcrack / Liga Toquio
* One of the five designs is included.
Contains one of the five designs

CITY BOYS FC / E-WAX / Gottingham / Josh Upton / Matteo de Mayda / Nam Kunn / Summer House / Hiroshi Eguchi / Hiroki Ogasawara / Motoko Jitsukawa / Kisshomaru Ueshima / Kei Harada / Yuki Honda / Noboru Matsumoto / Ryo Mitamura / Atsuhisa Yamamoto / Megumi Wakabayashi


18 x 26 cm
96 pages
Autumn/Winter 2020
Japanese but contains a English translation booklet inside