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SHUKYU #8: Local issue


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From the publisher:

The football world is progressively globalizing. Looking at Japan, the number of players playing overseas has increased dramatically, the internationalization of players playing in the J-League has progressed, and overseas strategies by leagues and clubs have become more active than ever. The environments for those watching have also changed significantly, providing more opportunities for people to access and engage with overseas football.

On the other hand, because it is a sport that is played globally, one of the characteristics of football is that it serves to more deeply reflect locality. A great appeal of football is the way in which various personalities can be observed according to region or environment, not only in terms of play style, but also regarding the clubs and their supporters. The theme for the eighth issue is LOCAL. On this occasion, we approach this theme from various perspectives such as that of players, clubs, leagues, and supporters.

In addition, as we have covered in this magazine so far, this issue also focuses on local communities working around the world. Independent communities have begun to attract attention as influential presences within the football world.


18 x 26 cm
128 pages
Autumn/Winter 2019
Japanese but contains a English translation booklet inside