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SHUKYU #7: J. League issue


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From the publisher:

"Opening Declaration. With the support of many fans who love sports, the J League is taking the first step towards realizing a big dream today."

J League Chairman, Saburo Kawabuchi - May 15, 1993

At the time I was eight years old, I was vaguely looking at this scene projected on the other side of the TV. And when I noticed, I was fascinated by soccer, and now, over 25 years ago, I'm making a magazine about soccer. Similarly, there may be many people whose lives have changed due to the birth of the J League.

The theme of the 7th issue is "J League". Through my experience in Russia in the previous issue, this issue makes me want to know once again about the "J League," which is the most familiar professional soccer league for us.

It goes without saying that the growth of Japanese soccer since the J League was born, but looking back on the history of Japanese soccer as a whole, there is a history made by many people over 100 years, There are J League and Japanese soccer. And today somewhere, a new history is born.

The number of J-League clubs is increasing all over the country, and there are J-League styles as many as there are clubs. It's happening in the city you live in, not somewhere far away. And you, who read this magazine, are one of the people who made that history. Let's create an attractive J League and sports culture together.


18 x 26 cm
144 pages
Spring 2019
Japanese but contains a English translation booklet inside