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SHUKYU #5: Technology issue


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From the publisher:

Special feature
  • 016-Yuichi Nishimura / As a supporter of the game
  • 022-How to communicate with the referee
  • 024-Bug / Foul Edition
  • 026― Tomoaki Makino / To make soccer a more attractive sport
  • 032― Yuto Nagatomo / To aim for even higher heights
  • 038-Winning Eleven / Evolving soccer game
  • 044-The future of sports brought about by SAP / IT
  • 049-Friendly grayscale
  • 052-From body to body
  • 054-Cipherpunk called "Football Leaks"
  • 056-Games, Dance & Construction
  • 064-A monster that binds hands
  • 004-Winning color
  • 006-Stadium Spirits vol.3 / New National Stadium
  • 008-Future football
  • 010-Elementary school conflict and J-League candy
  • 013-Le Ballon PATRICK
  • 060-Penalty kick
  • 066- "Kizuru" that creates a whirlwind in the mascot world
  • 070― Naohiro Ishikawa / Indomitable spirit inherited
  • 074-MATCHDAY / Distribution Economy Ogashi High School x Maebashi Ikuei High School
  • 086-Red Star FC / French veteran who has begun a new challenge
  • 092-Jeju United
  • 094-Da Nang Phnom Penh
  • 106-The northernmost soccer field in the world
  • 110-Japan Football Archive vol.4

CITY BOYS FC, Gottingham, Jean Jullien, Summer House, Densuke No. 28, David Bellion, Dominick Chen, Ryo Mitamura, Kisshomaru Ueshima, Masanao Hirayama, Noboru Matsumoto, Tasuku Mizuno, Hiroshi Eguchi, Hideki Makiguchi, Naoki Ishikawa, Kei Wakabayashi・ Kisshomaru Suganuma (YCAM)


18 x 26 cm
112 pages
Japanese but contains a English translation booklet inside