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Follow F***ing Orders: The Gangland Execution of a Swedish Football Star

Anna Törnkvist

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From the publisher:

The brutal 2010 murders of promising footballer Eddie Moussa and his brother were a harbinger of the gang violence now laying siege to Sweden. Written by crime reporter Ann Tornkvist, Follow Fucking Orders captures the freefall of a quaint town, known for its sports-crazed community and top-league football team, into a bloody turf war. After the biggest police investigation into organised crime in Swedish history, the local mob boss was sentenced to life for ordering the hit on Eddie.

Author Ann Tornkvist followed the gripping story for five years, securing unique access to families who had fled into the witness protection programme. In 2016, the mob boss tried to derail this book's publication by threatening to have her killed. Undeterred, Tornkvist published Follow Fucking Orders in Sweden in 2018.

The first edition sold out within a week and soon became the most popular book in the country's maximum-security prisons. Ultimately, the book offers a chilling reminder that true crime has no last chapter.

The author:

Swedish reporter and Glasgow University alumna Ann Tornkvist has worked as a journalist for over a decade. She has covered crime for public-service radio and TV, as well as the prestigious broadsheet Svenska Dagbladet. Upon publication in Sweden, Follow Fucking Orders soon became the most popular library book in the nation's maximum-security prisons. Courageously, she published the book despite being warned that her life was at risk.


Pitch Publishing
21 x 14 cm
352 pages
August 2020