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Fit and Proper People: The Lies and Fall of OWNAFC

Martin Calladine, James Cave

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From the publisher:

In 2019, an app called OWNAFC hit the market promising football fans the chance to buy and run their own club. Just a few months later it collapsed, leaving customers hundreds of thousands of pounds out of pocket. Fit and Proper People tells the story of the business that was supposed to revolutionise the game, the people who lost out and the violent consequences suffered by those who tried to hold OWNAFC to account.

The book uncovers how poor regulation and the financial structure of English football make clubs easy prey for unsuitable owners and how, time and again, the fans are left to pick up the pieces. With the aborted launch of the European Super League, there is finally widespread recognition that billionaires, venture capitalists, broadcasters and tech businesses must no longer be allowed to dictate the future of the game. Fit and Proper People is a powerful expose of the state of football and a call to properly protect clubs and to involve the people who really love them - the fans - in how they are run.

The author:

Martin Calladine is a sportswriter focused on football reform and sporting ethics. In 2015, he published The Ugly Game: How Football Lost its Magic and What it Could Learn from the NFL. James Cave is a journalist and leading campaigner on lower- and non-league football issues. A former press officer for Southport FC, he runs the Against League 3 campaign and is editor of On The Spot News, a local news publisher in the North West of England.


Pitch Publishing
22 x 14 cm
224 pages
January 2022