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And the Sun Shines Now: How Hillsborough and the Premier League Changed Britain

Adrian Tempany

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From the publisher:

And the Sun Shines Now is a book about why Hillsborough happened, and how the flawed response to the disaster created a 'whole new ball game' but destroyed a culture. The Taylor Report. All-seater stadia. Police lies. Political neglect. Murdoch. The oligarchs. And an FA plan to gentrify football. But what happens when you take the people's game away from the people? What happens to the game, and what happens to the people? Powerful, funny, soulful and brutal, Adrian Tempany's acclaimed book exposes the real cost of the modern game . . . and the forces that shaped it.

The author:

Adrian Tempany is a Liverpool supporter and a journalist who has written for the Observer and the Financial Times.


Faber & Faber
20 x 13 cm
448 pages
May 2017